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7 years ago

Caller ID Not Showing Up on TV Screen/No Record of Calls

On 2/10/18 I returned my Cox Panoramic WiFi hardware and, after confirming it's on Cox's approved list, replaced it with my personal Nighthawk modem/router. The Nighthawk doesn't have a plug for telephone service, so I also went to my local Cox store and picked up one of the small modems for telephone-only. A few days later, I returned my old TV cable receivers and upgraded them to the current Contour boxes.

The phone works just fine, and my caller ID on the little screen on my telephone tells me who's calling; however, ever since I switched to the Nighthawk (and before I switched to the new Contour boxes) I do not have caller ID on my TV screen. When I pull up my Cox Connect phone app or do a left arrow on my Contour guide, there is no record of the calls I have received since 2/10/18. It's like my TV service and my phone service aren't talking to each other. 

I called Cox technical services, who tried several things, including having me turn the phone modem off and on, having me turn the on-screen caller ID setting off and on, and the technician sending a new signal to the phone modem and to the TV cable receivers. Nothing worked. The technician was going to send a trouble ticket to another department and said I should hear from someone when they figured out what the problem is. It's been a week and I haven't heard a peep from Cox.

I hoped that when I set up the new Contour boxes the problem might resolve itself, but it didn't.

Both the Nighthawk and the phone modem work great, and, in accordance with the phone modem instructions, I have a yellow cable connecting the two. I really think this has to be something easy that we're missing. Any ideas?

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    Also, when I log onto and check my phone call history, there is no history since 2/10/18. I'm getting my calls, but somehow, Cox doesn't know it.

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    Our records show there are two open tickets in place for your Call History feature not showing on and the Banner on the TV. Our back office team is looking into this to determine the cause of the issue and fix it. The tickets were created on 2/17, and an update can take up to 72 business hours, but doesn't always take that long. In case you don't have the ticket numbers- here they are: CUI000006157687 and CUI000006122732.