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6 months ago

New to Landline Phone Service

I have an older, basic type of home phone that I plugged into the Panoramic WiFi modem. Picked it up and no dial tone. Anyone know any tips? Does it need to be a certain kind of phone? The one I have is not digital, so CallerID and other features are irrelevant for the time being. (Times are hard). I have contacted a Samsung representative who suggested I go to my local Cox store but am wondering if I can save a trip! I have Cox Complete Care, should I reach out to them instead?

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  • Hello Rique.  I certainly apologize for the phone issue you are experiencing. I can understand how frustrating that can be when you are trying to hook up your phone. On a panoramic modem, you do want to make sure the telephone cord is plugged into the Tel1 or Tel1/2 connection of the modem.  If it is plugged into Tel2, it will not work.  We may also need to check the phone line provisioning of the modem to ensure that the modem is even capable of a phone service. Please send us an email to with your full name and complete address. Once we have your information, we will be able to better assist. 

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    I don't use it, but I have an original 20th century SW Bell telephone that works like a champ for making and receiving phone calls.  Cox Voice doesn't recognize phone codes keyed with it though. I doubt your phone is that old, so it should work.  I'm not familair with ports on that modem, but a TM3402A requires Tel1 for phone.  If there's another port, try it and see if you get a dial tone.