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I was wanting to see what’s the minimum I can pay without my services being interrupted???? Bc I’m a single mom struggling with two teenagers that are in school 

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    I feel for you, I was not only a Single DAD, raising 2 daughters, but a disabled veteran as well. I understand the situation. 

    Bottom line, what services do you have and what can be cut, or lowered. Call Cox, and request to speak to someone in retention, and see what they can do to lower costs. Drop cable or use a cable mini box with basic channels. Lower your internet speed. 

    If your income is below a certain threshold they can provide you low cost internet, (I think it's 9.99$ or so a month). It's not going to get you any speed records, but it will provide you internet so you can go online, and take care of bills and such, and the kids will have access for school projects.