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2 months ago

DVR not working

After weeks of trying to get my TV and Internet working, I finally have it again.  Yesterday, a technician replaced two boxes in my home.  I lost all of my recorded programs.  And now, I cannot get the DVR in the replacement box to work.  I schedule the program as normal, but it does not work.  I've unplugged it.  I think we have had it with COX.  We have been without TV and internet for 35% of the time.  Now, I can't use the DVR.  I'm fed up. 

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  • Hi 13anointedrj. I'm truly sorry to hear of your trouble with your service and DVR box. Please email us at for support on this DVR issue. 

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    Did the tech check your signal or just replace the boxes?  A weak signal could affect both TV and Internet and replacing boxes wouldn't fix it.

    Is being unable to schedule a program the only issue with the DVR?  Can you manually record a program?  Prior to exchanging the boxes, did you have any changes made to your TV plan?  A change may have accidentally been made that removed your DVR service.  If so, you'd be able to watch live TV, but you wouldn't be able to record programs either by a schedule or manually.  When you email, ask them to verify you have DSR service enabled.