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what a fricking nightmare... I have been battling with cox for five SIX days now trying to get someone to help me with getting my email working to where I can consistently send and receive messages. So I have been told that I cant use my outlook and I will have to use webmail until they transition to Yahoo. Next thing I know I cant even send and receive on webmail. Yet Cox wont take responsibility. They keep telling me to change my password yet Yahoo doesn't even recognize my email address. I had one of the 6 or 7 people at Cox I chatted with tell me I hadn't even transitioned yet and that I needed to keep using Webmail in the meantime. They helped me get my webmail to where I was receiving mail again but when I went to try to send, no luck sending. So I once again reached out to another Cox rep, they like most before HE said it was a Yahoo issue and I needed to get with Yahoo. HONESTLY I DON'T KNOW HOW YAHOO IS GOING TO HELP WITH AN EMAIL THEY DON'T EVEN RECOGNIZE.

So, the only Yahoo phone number I could find amongst Cox support materials, that wasn't a premuim support $12.99/mo cost, was this phone number, 1-866-562-7450. GUESS WHAT - THIS NUMBER IS NO LONGER IN SERVICE!!! HOW THE HECK AM I SUPPOSED TO MAKE THIS WORK. I am in a semi rural area and my internet options are very limited AND COX KNOWS THIS. NO COMPETION IS HOW COX HAS GOTTEN BY WITH TREATING THEIR CUSTOMERS LIKE THIS FOR YEARS.

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  • Hi, I apologize you are having trouble with your Cox email address. Please reach out to us privately so we can look into this. Our email is Please include your full street address and a link to your forum post.


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    I have done everything on these forms, up one side and down the other and still have not gotten anywhere either.  Followed directions step by step, seems to work for a whole lot of people but not me.  Like you, I'm at my wits end and think it just may not be worth the hassle anymore.

    I think I made the mistake of deleting my email on my mac thinking that I could reinstall it easier if I start from the beginning, now I can't even install it.  WHYYYYYYYYYY??????????????? 

    Yahoo email stinks with all the ads and I'm sure as heck not paying for yahoo when I don't like yahoo.  

    COX: listen up.  Customer for 21 years and I'm FED UP!!!!!

  • Hi, I'm sorry you had difficulty setting up your email after it transitioned to Yahoo.

    • first please log in to your Cox email address at
    • confirm you can access your Cox email address and see your emails 
    • please use the instructions at
    • If you are still unable to get access to your email please email us at for additional assistance please include your full street address and a link to your forum post


  • are you still having an issue? I had tons of problems getting mine working. 

    use this link generate an app password for outlook. use the copy icon when setting up outlook you need to use the generated password in outlook, and only outlook.

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    Yep, same problem here. Everything was working up until last Monday or Tuesday. I can GET my mail but I cannot SEND ANY mail, even on my web mail now. Tried setting up new POP3 profile, failed, tried setting up new IMAP profile, failed. Had phone support tell me it was a block due to suspicious activity and the live chat gave me que card solutions that didn't work and told me that I had been moved to Yahoo mail. Went there and they didn't know of such an email address. Also got a voice mail from a Cox rep telling me it was a known issue and that it had been resolved. It hasn't, still can't send email in desktop Outlook or my webmail.

    This transition is truly a terrible mess

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      My cox email got to Yahoo with issues.  Lots.  Ive lost my contacts.  Deleted messages appeared in my inbox.   Most frustrating was Yahoo app itself.   "Delete" the ad. And it pops back, most of the time the exact same one.  Then repopulates ads back to old messages.  And appears in stored email files.  It is messy, an eyesore, horrible.   A clean account goes for $4.99 a month.   A DEAL!!  laughing as I start changing my email address with my essential people and services.   Taking me a longggg time but Yahoo must go.