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2 years ago

Constant outages in my area

There are outages in my area consistently at least once or twice a week. It’s not an issue with my equipment it’s literally just an area wide outage. I see that red Service Interruption text box on the app so much it’s starting to show up in my nightmares at this point. I pay way too much money a month to have such inconsistencies from a company that literally has a monopoly on fiber optic connection where I live so that there are no other competitors. 

I’d like to see some time compensation at this point. I may not be able to go to any other ISP, but I wouldn’t miss internet connection to save $200 a month. Get it together Cox. 

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    This is a forum where other COX customer's assist one another. If you are having outages and would like recompense for your time without service, you will need to call Cox. 

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    I don’t even care about compensation. They just need to fix it…permanently.  I’ve had enough. This is a weekly occurrence. Just fix it. If they know they can’t fix it in the short term, just send out standard compensation packages to show us they care and that they hear us. I’m not going to call them and beg for money. 

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    I'm curious what area you're in.  I've had Cox since the @home days in 1995, and even including planned maintenance, I've had very few outages.  I'm in Orange County California and see many posts about Cox outages, but that's just not been my experience.  My only real complaint is the price, but there's not a good alternative in my corner of the county.