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2 months ago

Cox Email integral part of internet service

So Cox has responded to my question about a reduction in internet service cost after eliminating email service. Cox said that email service was free.....customers never viewed it that way.

It was one of the most valuable services that Cox provided. Cox made a huge mistake in dumping the email business. And Cox customers will now view your internet service as having less value.

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  • It wasn't free; it was bundled.

    Before the proliferation of "freemail" providers, it was customary to expect your provider to offer full-service email. It was indeed a cost center of enormous proportions. However those costs would be recouped as Cox inserted advertising to support it. As you can plainly see, "free" email is simply monetized by turning the customer, and/or our data and engagement, into the main product.

    But since it was also mandatory, we were all sharing the costs for it. Cox deprecated email long ago and it was quite clear they'd ceased investing, years and years ago. Support and upgrades have been minimum- viable-product level.

    We recall when Cox wanted to be a value-added cloud-services provider, but you see that they've focused on core competency instead.

    Cox's fees are, IIUC, regulated and governed by the FCC, etc. They're not changing just with the shutdown of a deprecated ancillary service. I hope and pray that Cox Communications will reinvest revenue in improving their support and essential infrastructure.

  • Hi rpchurch, we appreciate your feedback on the email and will be sure to share this on your behalf. The Email indeed did not cost our customers anything per month since it was an added feature with having our Internet service. It is a feature that we stopped offering years ago and maintained for those who previously subscribed. The email itself is still available to use, it will now just be accessible from a different platform. Thanks again for sharing.