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4 years ago

cox game vpn thing question

if i pay for ur in house vpn for gamers will it QOS me for upstream on video game ports or wiill i still be unable to play video games with 5-50% packet loss.

07/04/2021 14:57,GMT, 739.07, 0.07,8
06/29/2021 17:14,GMT, 721.16, 0.66,5
06/28/2021 23:20,GMT, 909.65, 2.50,8
06/28/2021 17:15,GMT, 929.87, 3.28,7
06/28/2021 12:49,GMT, 721.91, 1.57,6

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  • Cox EliteGamer system is not a VPN service. Your network traffic is not tunneled or encrypted. Cox is reselling a third-party service outside of the Cox network. Only specific game network traffic is proxied to the third-party service where the game network traffic is tunneled unencrypted to game servers. All your network traffic, including the proxied gaming network traffic, still flows over the Cox network. Unfortunately, I think the only way to answer your question is to try the service itself. Instead of the Cox rebranded service, you could try the provider directly. From what I understand, the service being rebranded and resold by Cox is WTFast. (

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      yea thats kind of what i was asking exactly, is it more of a qos than a vpn. cause i would pay a extra 10 dollars for gamer trafic qos priorty packets, im fine with extortion. or even a minimum garuntee, like i can see how u cant promise 30m up 100% but like how about a never less than like 3.. seriously though, trying to play battle field with ur upload doing 0.50-1. 

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    Just think of it as a Game Tax:  It just takes and gives nothing.