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3 months ago

Cox sporadic internet service.

I quit cox tv, and went with a steaming service,(roku), or online with my computer, or ota signals. Recently I,(stupidly), followed cox advice, and got a cox modem, to replace the modem and router. Now I spend several minutes everyday trying to get the roku to connect with the cox modem/router. When I explained the problem to cox, I was told that the best plan, was to buy a NEW CABLE TV PLAN FROM COX, and that it would only be an additional $72.00 a month. When I informed the representative, that the issue DID NOT START UNTIL AFTER I STARTED USING COX EQUIPMENT, the representative suggested a new internet plan, and an additional cable tv plan, that would only raise my monthly by $120.00. 

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    Why is cox internet service so trash?  And why is there no where to leave a review stating such?

  • Hello Bunger213 and too_cheap_to_bu,

    I appreciate how important it is to have a stable internet connection. When you have a moment for support with the internet troubles, could you send us an email to with your name, complete address, and some detail of the internet issues?

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    I sent my information to the mod, as requested. All the mod offered was a chance to incur an additional service charge of $100.00 to LOOK at my problem.