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2 months ago

Email Transition to Yahoo - Spam Link

So I get an email, looks spam-ish in a way, stating that I have to transition to yahoo email. I access my mail from the Mail app on my iPhone. I click on the link and it takes me to myapps link. The link wants me to sign in with my Cox info and then this is where I’m confused. It asks for my name, DOB, phone number, address and my full social security number. Is this really legit?! Why would Yahoo need all that personal information? I have a weird feeling that it’s a fake email as something seems phishy. Can anyone confirm that this is real and explain why they need such personal information?

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    WARNING:  I received a PHISHING email today about my pending move to Yahoo.  All looked legit until I looked at the link...DON'T click the link.  I forward this to   Spammers are getting better and better at this nowadays.  This is what is looked like:  

    From: C­­­­­о­­­­­x <>
    Sent: Wednesday, May 22, 2024 3:17 PM
    Subject: Important: Your Cox email is moving to Yahοο
    Importance: High

    Hi Valued Customer,

    Your email is ready to move to Yahoo Mail.

    To continue receiving emails and ensure a smooth transition, please follow these steps and verify your account for a secure move:

    1. Visit (added real link here: and enter your full email address, including the suffix, as your username. Then enter your current Cox password and accept the Yahoo Mail Terms of Service.
    2. To continue receiving emails in this application, you’ll need to sign back in with your new Yahoo Mail account. For help signing in, visit this help site from Yahoo with more information.
    3. For the best mobile experience, download the Yahoo Mail app in the App Store (Apple), Google Play Store, or Amazon appstore. The Yahoo Mail app helps you to find what you need fast with organized views for receipts, package tracking, photos, and more to save you time and bring order to your inbox.


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    These services are governed by Cox's Residential Customer Service Agreement, which can be found at:

    You are receiving this email message because you are a Cox customer. Periodically, Cox sends emails concerning information about our service that may affect you. Please note that if you unsubscribe from a promotional email, we will continue to send you these important service-related messages. If you received this email in error, please contact Cox at 800-234-3993.

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  • Hi, there. I sincerely apologize for the issues with our Yahoo migration. If you log directly into the Cox webmail site, it will tell you that your mail has transitioned, if this is indeed the case. I , too would not trust a link that asks for a full social security number and we would not do that. The email migration happens with individual accounts, not all at once. You will receive an email with clear instructions on how to proceed once your account is ready to move over. If the email address in question has already migrated, then you will receive the following at our webmail page: Your Email Account has moved to Yahoo!. 


    Bear in mind that your login at yahoo will be your full email address (ie, instead of 123, it will be 


    As for a time table for the email migration, that information is not available. All currently available information can be found at but at this time we don't have any dates confirmed. Customers will begin receiving email communications 60 days prior to migration. 

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    That is exactly the email. Thank you for posting it! Yes, totally a scam. I really hope people don’t click the link and fill out their personal info. :(

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    I have been getting emails from Cox for 6 months now (literally..started in Jan 2024) telling me it's almost time to switch over to Yahoo mail... How long is this transition going to take??