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5 years ago

How can I get more information about an outage in the Roanoke, VA area.

my tv, internet and telephone went down about 3:30pm today. When I called customer service I was told ‘everyone in your zip code is down’ and summarily brushed off and rushed off the phone by the rep. I’ve talked with neighbors (across the street from me) and a few other people in my zip code who have no issues and have all services working. Now I’m receiving text messages that at one point said service would be restored by 5:04pm and now have slipped to 9:07pm. Where can I find out more information about what is causing this outage and maybe get the TRUTH about who’s out and what’s going on?

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    New Contributor is a total fraud. I've been a customer for over two decades and the price has gone up and the speed has gone down...ridiculous...

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      So, having provided the time period for your speed comparison, if you read what you wrote, you're saying your Internet speed with Cox is slower now than it was in 1999 or earlier.  Really?  I don't think so.  While cable did have a theoretical download speed of 10 Mbps in 1999, access was iffy and required an expensive setup and wouldn't have been available from Cox.  According to data from the Nielsen Norman Group and Comcast , the typical broadband download speed in 1997 was 0.056 Mbps, increasing to 0.256 Mbps in 2000.  People complain today about only 100 Mbps download.  So, no. Internet speeds have not gone down, not since 1999, or recently. 

      If your Internet speed is slower now than it was 20+ years ago, you have some really serious issues.  If your Internet speed is just relatively slow, you would have been better served by contacting and asking for help.

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    And now even though I received a text stating that the outage was over, and a phone rep agreed I’m still out with an estimated up time of 4am. It’s frustrating that the reps do not have access to even know what the issues are. Btw, had yet another rep make a statement and not be able to live up to what they promised to do. 

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      Hi Uvafan, once an outage is declared, our system displays an alert when a Cox technical support rep, online chat agent, or social media rep opens your account. Details about the cause of the outage are not always available. An initial estimated time of repair is provided; however, after a field tech arrives on-site, he or she will update the system with a more accurate estimate. There are many issues that can impact the estimated time of repair. That’s why we provide text message alerts via the Cox Connect App. During an outage, an alert with an option to “sign up for SMS notifications” is displayed in the Cox Connect App. I apologize that yesterday’s outage caused so much frustration. Have your services been restored? -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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        No my services have not been restored.