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2 months ago

I have no internet

My internet service is always going down however, we had a tornado that tore up my city and all I can get is India that does not understand that lines have to be restored. They keep telling me my service is working when all I want to know is the ETA for cox to repair and replace their lines!

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  • Hi CBorban1, 

    Thank you for reaching out to the Social Media Team and being a valued Cox family member. I work from home, so I know how important it is to have reliable internet service. I am happy to check your area status for any updates. Please contact us through Facebook or X CoxHelp.

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    Cox MUST do a better job communicating to their customers about outages.  People are working from home more and more and need to know status of service restoration.

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      Thank you for your understanding my situation. I have seen the damage all over town and it is devastating. I now have wifi again but cox needs to understand that when a city shuts a power grid down, the router/modem does lose its network name and password. They finally alerted the crews in my city and after going to help a friend my internet was back up and not saying no internet. I did lose my settings and it was a long process to get my devices back online but they are working now. Cox does need to do a better job technically and listening to their customers. They also need disaster relief assistance. One more time like this I am switching to At&T.