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2 months ago

Internet down intermittently for 6 days now

On May 24, 2024 we were notified that cox would be doing an upgrade and service would be down for a while. Since then, service has been on and off up to 10 times a day (that I counted). I've tried to talk to an agent on the phone but haven't been able to get thru the phone menu before it hangs up. I did chat on line but it didn't give any info on this problem. It would be nice to know why this is happening and what to expect. The internet is down again for the 2nd time this morning as I type this. I have zoom classes in the morning and have had to use my phone hotspot to get on line. The most frustrating thing is Cox is avoiding any explanation and it's near impossible to speak to an agent on the phone. 

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  • Hi, I apologize you are having trouble with our service and for the experience you have had when trying to get help. Please reach out to us privately. Our email address is Please include your full street address and a link to this forum Post


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    First I have heard that the upgrade was scheduled and that was reason for outage.  I thought it was due to storms in my area.  As usual, Cox does not communicate to their customers,  with so many using internet for work from home, Cox must do a better job communicating to people.