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6 years ago

New Gig upgrade has 1TB data limit?

Cox has recently upgraded my area to 1 gig.  When I started to sign up I noticed that there is a 1 TB data cap.

I'm going to try to be nice but does anybody else beside me consider a 1 GB connection with a 1 TB data cap nothing short of ludicrous at best and extortionist at worst?

So the intro price is $119 + $10 modem rental (required) + $50 unlimited data = $180 plus taxes and other fees.  I would love to have the service but I refuse to be taken advantage of by their exorbitant/greedy pricing.



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    You're not alone. Cox has to be be one of the most hated companies around, yet they have a captive audience so they can continue screwing everyone with impunity.

    They have NO integrity

    They have NO ethics

    They have NO appreciation for customers

    They have NO scruples

    They have NO conscience

    They have NO accountability

    They have NO problem lying to customers 

    I will celebrate when they are relegated to insignificance which might actually be sooner than we think.

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      cancel and go back to ultimate. or if you want unlimited go to 30 MBPS with unlimited. 

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    Good for you buddah,

    Why pay for speed when you get punished for using it?  The business model is predatory and misleading. Like Jchambers mentioned, it's best to take a lower tier and maybe add data. it is ridiculous.  For many customers Cox called shortly after the data caps were implemented and offered a deal to lock your bill from increases (which was happening every three months). In essence I am stuck in premium and locked in a two year deal. Ironically these calls happened shortly after data caps were implemented. This company treats their customers like **.