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2 months ago

no way to change the Wi-Fi password via app or internet login.

When I log into the panoramic Wi-Fi through a browser I reached the page that shows me the Wi-Fi name and the Wi-Fi password and there is an edit button. Then I read at the top of the page it says to change your Wi-Fi name and password install the Cox panoramic Wi-Fi app.
But when I click on Wi-Fi details in the Cox panoramic app instead I get a blank page. So have no way to access to changing the name and that Wi-Fi password.
I tried all the dumb ideas like restart the router and uninstall and reinstall the app. No success.
Any suggestions?

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  • Panoramic WiFi may be accessed via browser? 🤯 I hadn't heard of this!

    I was lef to believe that the mobile app was the only interface.

    Where is the documentation on this? What address to use in the URL bar?

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      Anesti33, you may access on the browser at . 

  • Destine, I am sorry you're having issues changing the wifi password. We want to help. Please send us an email to Cox.Help@Cox.Com with your full name and address for assistance.