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2 months ago

Not getting the speed I pay for!

I've had COX for about half a year and right off the bat I gotta say it was way too overpriced. But the price is not even the real issue. I pay for 1GB for download speed and 100mbps for upload, but when I run a speed test, I seem to only get about 1mbps for download speed. It's beyond ridiculous. Troubleshooting or resetting solves the issue for about 2 minutes, but then I'm right back to the problem. Every time I call for help, they can never seem to tell me what the problem is, even after sending a tech. As a casual gamer, I work all week and look forward to relaxing on the weekend and enjoying some games and entertainment online but this issue seems to peak when I want to enjoy some quality time at home. It sucks to know that when my monthly bill comes around, I'm being robbed every month from this company for not fulfilling the service I pay for.

Is anyone else experiencing these issues?

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    how are you testing? The correct way to run a speed test is with an Ethernet direct connected computer. Ensure the computer is connected with a Cat 5e, or Cat 6 cable, and that the ethernet port is capable of 1GB or more, and is setup for that speed. I have found now and then some were set to 100baseTX, instead of 1000baseTX. 

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      Yes, yes, and yes. I'm not a tech nerd or anything but I livestream on Twitch so I try my best to have all the equipment I need. 

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        Same with mine as well. Paid for the 250 mpbs and had the download speeds for about 7 months until today where I saw that my download speed was at 13 mpbs . We lost service 2 days ago in gainesville florida for whatever reason and ever since then it has not be completely good. Even though on the app it says my router is receiving 293.20 out of 250 . I also stream on twitch and it completely messed up my bit rate