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4 years ago

Signal noise/T3 Timeouts

I believe I've narrowed my issue down to signal noise due to this. 

This is my modem log in the link below.

I believe it may not be a tremendous amount of noise, so no red flag is raised. But considering the fact that gaming runs through mostly udp packets, they don't get retransmitted, so they are basically lost in real time.

And its probably not enough noise to make a noticeable impact on most people in the area because most applications run on tcp and they are seamlessly retransmitted and no issues are noticed.

It strongly affects my gaming, though.

A few weeks ago, they noticed some issues at the node and they put in a ticket.

I followed up a week later, and the ticket was closed and no work was done.

Do you guys agree that the issue is probably miniscule, but at the node?

And how do I push this issue?

Modem log:

 T3 explain:

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  • @DLabit29, It looks like the issue happened back on the 21st of October. Your modem is no longer reporting t3 errors at this time. Are you still experiencing issues with the service? -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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      Very much so. Every day. 

      It most definitely has to be noise in the upstream. 

      I wish they would follow through with the node replacement. 

      We've been troubleshooting shooting this issue for half a year now 

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        An intermittent issue is difficult to diagnose while there isn't an obvious sign of a signal level issue, but we can help reserve a return visit. Is the issue you're seeing happening at random or during a particular time-frame? We can help reserve you for a date and time the issue is most frequent in hopes it can be tracked at the time of the appointment.

        Cox Support Forum Moderator