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3 years ago

Too much packetloss. was NOT like this before.

New Orleans Cox customer.

Since around September/October, 2021 or could be sooner, I have been undesirable packetloss/jitter.

When testing, jitter jumps around 4.2ms but jumps to over 7ms. packetloss around 5-12%. Before, it was nowhere near that. It use to be smooth with 0 packetloss.

Tested with different cables. Tested with modem direct to PC. Tested with no splitter. All with same results. Tried 2 other computers directly connected to modem, no splitter from pole. All with same result.

Playing games is becoming unbearable.
Watching on-demand content has become unbearable due to videos pausing every now and then.

Model: DPQ3212
Current Software Revision: d3212-PC20-18-c3000r5581-191008a-COX
Firmware Build Time: Oct 8 12:48:19 2019

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    Don't ask about resetting modem. That's been done several times.

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      Hello @BeerTime,

      I completely understand the hassle of having constant packet loss. I am here to help. We would definitely be able to assist you with this. Please reach us on Twitter at @CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or email us at Provide us the name on the account with the complete service address with a link to this thread so we can get started.

      Crystal S.
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  • That is interesting.  You described my issues completely. same time period.  Started in late august or early September after a short but complete outage.  i am monitoring for packet loss and performance 24/7 due to ever so frustration with intermittent issues with packet loss and disconnects,   Happens several times per day, every day.  It is killing my buzz when I game. Once in a while the network clears up and behaves properly for several hours only to eventually drop out and then go right back to **.  Swapped out cable modem but it is not the issue.  the logs are clean.  I have gone through everything from the point of DMARC in.  Swapped out all hardware and simplified the network to no avail .  tier 1 support has been useless and want to sell me a new model or dispatch someone to come out in2-3 weeks and check my end for issues.  The is no indication that the modem has anything to do with regard to the root cause.  really **** with the disco's always seem to happen at the worse times.  lol  GL!

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    Same problems here in Metairie. Ever since Ida, service has been horrible. The main feed line between the poles in my neighborhood is sagging down about 5 feet because a trampoline flew up into it during the storm. Plus there's a splice right at that spot, which I learned should not be there at all. It took me two years, 9 tech visits and a lot of wasted time to get that line fixed after Hurricane Barry and it only happened because I waved down a bucket truck I saw in the neighborhood. This time there's been three techs out so far. They've all said it's a Plant & Maintenance issue. The last one said they didn't have enough parts to fix all of the problems from Ida and no telling when they will. I'm not going through this again. My only option now is to file an FCC complaint. I understand there's supply issues and all, it's really the lack of communication with anyone at Cox who has a clue about what's going on that is so frustrating. I hope y'all have better luck getting your problems fixed.

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      Hi @Precglide
      I can definitely understand how frustrating it has been to have unresolved internet issues since Hurricane Ida. And we definitely want to get the issue with the line outside taken care of please make sure that you email us at with your full name/full address so that we can get this issue resolved for you.

      Ben S.
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  • Call and go through the motions of rebooting your modem and do what you can to get an on-site tech out.

    Since your modem is flagged for recommended upgrade they may try to say it's your modem, but don't change it yet since it was working before and mention that on your call.

    I upgraded mine due to their recommendation trying to get my connection fixed and it turned into a ticket and charge for a new modem install and the problem was still happening afterward. I had to call their billing department to get that charge reversed.

    They may threaten to charge for having the tech out if the problem is on your end, but it does sound like the issue lies somewhere between the modem and Cox.

    The on-site tech will probably replace all your lines and connectors.

    If it's still happening after that, do what you can to request it be escalated with the on-site tech. The support chat and phone line is useless for getting anything but getting upsold services, a modem reboot and an on-site tech visit scheduled.