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4 years ago

Transfer email addresses to another Cox account

I was a Cox customer for 20+ years and moved to an area, within the same county, that is not serviced by Cox so I was forced to switch to another internet and cable provider.  I have been able to keep our family email addresses active via a fee of $9.95 for the last few years. I was informed in December that I could no longer do this and our email accounts would be deactivated in 90 days.

i have a relative that lives near me with an active Cox account (also 20+ years) and is happily willing to alow us to move our three email addresses to her Cox account. 

I am also completely willing to pay more to keep a Cox account open to avoid losing our email addresses.  For example, I will pay for basic internet service, even if I do not actually reve I’ve It, so my family does not lose the email addresses we have had for decades. They are very important to us. 

I had no choice to discontinue my Cox cable/internet service when I moved. I would have gladly transferred it to my new address, but Cox does not service my area.

I tried to communicate the above to a Cox service rep representative but could not find a phone number on the website.  All communication was attempted via the online chat Bot, which did not understand my questions initially the took forever to transfer me to a person on the other end of the cha, who also did not know how to resolve my situation.

Does anyone have a suggestion for how I can get this resolved without trying to convey over chat for 2 hours?

thank you  

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    What you could do is send an email to with the following:

     - URL of This Post
    - Full Name
    - Complete Address