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5 years ago

Very low Upstream signal

Several months ago my (Cox’s) modem was damaged by a power surge.  It was replaced with an Arris TM3402A.  Since then I’ve had no problems.  Download and Upload speeds are good 180 down and 12 up and Downstream power is good.  However, Upstream Power Levels ALWAYS remain between 23.50 and 26.00 dBmV.  I know that this is MUCH below the desired level, but I am experiencing no problems.  Should I be concerned?  Should I get a tech out here to check things out?

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  • Hello Raskie. The modem is reporting some signals that are not where we would like them to be. Are there any signal amps or splitters on the cable line going to the modem? -Allan Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      Thanks for the reply, Allan.  There is one splitter, outside, where the drop comes into the house.  One side goes to my Contour box - the other side to my modem.  No other splitters or amps.  It seems odd that my upstream signal is SO LOW and I am experiencing no problems.

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        Have you tried unplugging the power cord and unscrew both ends on the coax cable to make sure they're secure and conductors are not bent? Once that been completed we can recheck the signal levels. Replacing the splitter may also help but that may take a truck roll.

        Jonathan J
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