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5 years ago

Why does Cox bill not decrease when I pay extra?

I have looked over my billing to the past 7 months and have found that even though I pay a few dollars more my bill stays the same. I will be paying $31 extra next month just to see how Cox handles the process. I also have noticed a difference in tax, fees, surcharges from  (3mo) $15.82, (3mo)$14.82, and one mo $15.05. Of the 7mos only 2 had 31-day billing cycle that rest was 30 day. 

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  • Hi Jusjokin12, Cox bills for services one month in advance. Paying a few dollars more than what is owed will cause your next month's bill to decrease by a few dollars. If you have specific questions about your bill, please email us at -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator