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3 months ago

cox is in dire need of competent management I wasted 2 hours with no solution

Cox customer service and it’s follow thru are in dire need of management oversight.

Last night I was told by a tech rep that my semi-new contour is obsolete and in need of an upgrade. (This matched your botched handling of abandoning cox mail, which is a different story)

I wasted over an  hour on the phone completing an order for all new boxes and a new modem. I was told installation would be free since I was on complete care.

After being on hold on and off for roughly a ½ hour, the rep came back and said he would transfer me to a retention spec. When I finally was picked up, she said install was not covered, but then came back and changed her mind.

She was about to book the order, but she disconnected me instead.

Against my better thoughts, I tried your ineffective chat-bot and as usual no help.  I finally was contacted from possibly a human, and again 1 hour wasted. (see a portion of the text Embedded)

Doesn’t anyone at your company believe in follow though

acct#     001-8501-108267201


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  • Hi, Smintz. We truly apologize for your poor experience. I can certainly understand your frustrations and concerns. Please feel free to email us at for additional support. We will be more than happy to have one of our Account Specialist review your account. For future reference, Cox Complete Care does not cover installations. However, it does provide protection from potenital charges on in-home trouble calls.  I'm sorry you received that incorrect information. You can learn more about our Cox Complete Care feature here.