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2 months ago

cox tv service problems in southington ct today 5/29/2024

Problems with cox trying to put in new systems. Our tv remotes are asking for for tv codes on all 3 of our telebisions. Cox was suppose to have everything by 8 am today. Now they are saying it will be fixed by 7"00 PM.  This is very poor service. We paid almost $300 per month for cox services - 1 cell phone, 1 home phone, TV servicek and internet sevice. I am a 83 old male with severe hearing issues, and handicapes needto  heve a procedure to iwiden left heart valve, also getting treatments on my narrow spiral colum issues causes lots of nerve pain.  We no longer are able to place a simple phone call to get a cox tech to come out and fix the problems that we have today with all of our 3 tv sets.

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  • Hi, thank you for being the very best part of Cox. I am so sorry that you are having issues with your services. We would like to help you.  When you have a moment for support, please send us an email at Our forums are for customer-to-customer interactions about Cox's products. We look forward to working with you. 

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      Hi Jim Jay, you are 1000% correct. We got talked into the new panoramic wifi and it is so BAD Cox had to hard wire our smart TV to get a signal. We are just waiting for Spectrum to get to our area to switch.