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5 years ago

Trapped in Upgrade Saga

Hi All

I'm suffering through what should be an easy upgrade process.  Hoping some of you can give me guidance on whether this is common.

I'm a 20+ year internet and phone customer.  Decided I have had it with DirecTV and called Cox to add the Contour service.  Their sales teams were great - they passed me to the retention team to find me the best offer as an existing customer.  I also have Cox for my business phone and internet too.  Not sure if that matters at all.

They found me a fair package pretty close to that new signups would get.  500MB internet, all the TV i wanted, DVR and no changes to phone.  Call that price A.

I get the boxes (not new, btw, and still had food on them from the last owner.  Whatever.) and install them with no issues.  I notice my DVR is not working, so call retention.  They try to re-sell me DVR which was already included, but quickly find a promo to add the service for free.  I also wanted to add premium channels, which they were quickly able to find.  But when they told me my new rate it was sky high.  Made no sense.

The rep then had system issues (i believed her) and passed me to another.  I told him my package was wrong, and was $73 more per month than agreed.  He started the "lets find you the best package" thing.  I just want what I already signed up for.  He couldn't get to that price and basically said to take his best offer ($23 higher than committed earlier) or he could kill the service.  I was not happy.

He noticed a bunch of opened then cancelled orders on my account, and very few notes from the 3-4 reps I had already dealt with.  Embedded in one of the cancelled orders was my original configuration and original price.  So now he at least believed me.  He started some process with some super team to try to get me the promised price and services, which he said could take 5-10 days.

I'm waiting, but I feel massively bait and switched.  If i hadn't checked I would not have seen the error for a full billing cycle.  Beginning to wonder whether I made the right choice.

So I now still have 300MB internet, no DVR, no premiums, and paying $73 per month more than they sold me on.

The weird order cancellations make me think that sales reps are massively gaming their system.  The final retention rep as much as admitted that that was exactly what happened, and that I was only lucky since I caught it and there was some record of the original commitment.

Has this happened to anyone else?  Any guidance on how to get to the finish line is much appreciated.

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    Cox could have provisioned your account with all those features (500 Mbps, highest TV package, all premiums channels, DVR and free telephone) at not only Price-A...but cheaper...because prices are highly negotiable.

    For example, we have a Property Manager at our condo community and when he/she started the job, a Cox rep gave a sweet quid pro quo.

    Because we have a kiosk-type area in our clubhouse and our Manager has frequent conversations with residents, Cox would give free service at his/her personal residence for a few favors.

    1.  Prominently display all Cox pamphlets at the kiosk
    2.  Inconspicuously display any material of other competitors
    3.  Store a restock supply of Cox pamphlets on-site
    4.  Regularly assess and restock Cox pamphlets
    5.  Dispose of any outdated material of other competitors
    6.  If a resident seeks advice, recommend Cox
    7.  Speak favorably of Cox

    I don't recall the details of the service at the personal residence, but I do remember it had all premium channels.  It was kinda funny because although the Manager agreed to the deal, he/she purposely did the opposite of the deal.  You could insert the word "Not" in front of each favor and it's essentially what he/she did.  The Manager just didn't like the idea of trying to be bought off.

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      that's the plan i'm doing as well & see 430+ both wired/wireless, except for the 2 dell laptops you know all about....they've actually come up from 20 down to 60+ down thru their own router..

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    Cox provides the Support Forums as a service to its customers to help them obtain technical support, exchange ideas, and get information relating to Cox products and services. Billing and account questions that require the sharing of personal information aren't suited for a public forum. For further assistance, please email us at with your full name and address.

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      Case closed.  Social media team got me to a retention supervisor.  All is fixed and i have the configuration they committed to in the beginning.  I'm glad they fixed it and did what was right.  I'm still disappointed in the difficulty of the process.  Things should be easier.

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    An update.  Heard back from the escalation team and they approved some configuration for me.  The price is higher than I had already agreed to, and there are no specifics on what is covered.  Just so needless.  Could use some advice on how to proceed.  Thanks