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3 years ago

YL1200200 AC adaptor for mini box

My Mini box stopped receiving, so I exchanged it at the Cox store
Still does not work
There is an AC adaptor connected to the coax, and if unplugged, all DVR boxes stop working

1: Why does the Mini box require it in the 1st place
2: How does Contour know the adaptor is unplugged and stop working?
3: what is the correct way to wire it(input's, outputs)

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    All DVR boxes stop working how?  Lose power or lose TV signal?

    It's a power supply to provide electrical power through coaxial cable to other components, such as an amplifier.  Is there an amplifier somewhere in your home...perhaps connected to the DVR boxes?

    We wouldn't know the correct way to wire it because we don't know what equipment is in your home.  Can you list all your Cox boxes and components?

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      The DVR boxes(Main slaves)  just stop. and (sorry don't have the error handy)
      They time out, unless I plug the adaptor back in and restart the boxes, 
      I don't know what else could possibly be connected, except that I also have a optical and  telephone modems.
      To my knowledge, here is the equipment I have:
      TV equipment
          Contour Receiver Brand: ARRIS Model: AX013NC
          Contour Box Brand: CISCO Model: CXD01ANI
          Contour Box Brand: PACE Model: CPXID01    
          Basic Box Brand: CISCO Model: DTA250HD
         Voice/Internet Modem Brand: CISCO Model: DPQ3212
         Fiber Household Terminal Brand: NOKIA Model: G-010G-A

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    I feel the amplifier is fine.  Perhaps the problem is the coaxial splitter attached to the AC adapter because only the signal to the Mini Box is affected.

    I'd call your Solution Store for a replacement splitter and if they'll charge, perhaps shop for a better price.

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      thank you both

      but I don't understand about amplifier.  What would that be?  Where would I look to find it?  If so, can I find and remove it?  I'd lie to get rid of the AC adaptor.
      Tiffany, You mentioned that the Coax does not connect to the mini.
      Since the splitter is a 2-way, can I just bypass the splitter & go directly to toe mini box?

      ie:  wall to mini, or what is the correct configuration.

      I asked at the solution store, but they had no idea what the adaptor was.

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    Let's back up a bit.  Your Cox bundled-signal (TV, Internet, Telephone) enters your house at the NOKIA G-010G-A...aka Optical Network Terminal...aka ONT.  The ONT separates your bundled signal (TV, Internet, Telephone) and sends each signal to a port on the ONT.  From the ONT, you can trace via wires to each device.

    I assume a Cox tech installed an amplifier in your home because your TV signal out of the ONT is weak and needed a boost.  Somewhere between the ONT and the Mini Box should be an amplifier.  You said, "There is an AC adaptor connected to the coax" so I assumed this AC adapter is near the Mini Box.

    This AC adapter is supposed to provide AC power through a coaxial cable to a distance amplifier.  Why this amplifier isn't near the ONT is beyond me...perhaps no available AC outlet...but somebody thought a good location was near your Mini Box.  An amplifier could be in your attic or as Tiffany suggested, connected to an unused coaxial outlet.

    When you disconnected the AC adapter, the other boxes lost signals.  The Mini Box didn't lose its signal because apparently it wasn't getting a signal...hence you swapped it to troubleshoot.

    However, this AC adapter itself may be the amplifier and there is no distance amplifier.  I wouldn't think this would be true because amplifiers should be bigger and most sophisticated than a blocky "wall wart" (AC adapter).

    Is the AC adapter near the Mini Box?  Is the AC adapter connected to a coaxial splitter?

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      Thanks Bruce
             The incoming fiber is on the west side of the house, when Cox installed it, he didn't want to bring it into my office on the east side of the house, where I had my computer, so I added an extender to help.
      The TV in question is in the office, where I previously had the coax outlet into a modem/router(gone) and my TV(before digital)   (this is where the splitter and AC adaptor is located.   I also have a telephone modem in a north room, only connected to a coax. 
      from your explanation, it seems that the adaptor has nothing to do with the mini box, just coincidence that is is the same plug as the Mini Box.
      is there some way I can get rid of the need for the adaptor? 
      I didn't pay attention to the install (should have)
      If I have to have Cox out, do they charge?  It want bad all on it's own.

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        this is where the splitter and AC adaptor is located

        So you have the AC adapter plugged into an AC outlet...the AC adapter is connected to a short segment of coaxial cable...the short coax is then connected to a splitter.  Right?

        One output of the splitter should read "To TV" and the other outlet perhaps "To Amp."  The "To TV" outlet should be connected to the Mini Box.

        If every other device in your home is working fine, I'd suspect the "To TV" outlet on this splitter connected to the Mini Box has become faulty.

        If you disconnected this AC adapter and the other 3 other set-top boxes lost signals, I'd suspect there is an amplifier somewhere in your house because I couldn't imagine 2 other splitters daisy-chained off this "To Amp" outlet of the splitter near the Mini Box.

        Where does the coax connected to this "To Amp" outlet go?  Follow it.