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4 years ago

Cox service is making me lose my hair!!!

UPDATE 2/7: today the internet went out and as usual it happened in the same time like before.

UPDATE 2/6: so I had a tech come in on Thursday [2/4] to look at the "issue" and they said that it was the POE filter and the splitter that was installed on the main line that's causing the disconnections. They said it was not up to spec with their network. Okay so they replaced it with their own as well as replaced the coax cables that's connected from the outlet to my modem. Today [2/6] I've now experienced a disconnection for 10 mins instead of a mere 1-2 mins prior to this "fix". So I pretty much spent $100 of my money just to get a worse network experience. I, and others in my household, rely on your network 24/7 not just for leisure but also for work and cannot have interruptions this severe. I am now contemplating on reporting this to the FCC the more issues I experience.

I've been having issues everyday at the same timeframe with my gigablast. I've never had an issue before but so far it has started on the 2nd week of January to now and it had only worked without issue for two days straight last week.. My network connection would cut off multiple times around 11am-2pm everyday and whenever I ask assistance they would always tell me that they'll send out a tech to check my connection. I've factory reset my modem and router a million times, switched over to another coax port in the house, have tried having a direct connection from the main line to one coax port (no splitter), I've done having direct connection to the modem and all these steps have not resolved the issue. The website says that there are no outages, maintenance, service interruptions whatsoever but there clearly is. It seems Cox isn't as responsive unless it about bill pay. Customer Support would always pull a "let's have a tech come in to check your connection", no my connection isn't the issue, the residents in the vicinity is having the issue and Cox doesn't seem to understand that. I've asked multiple times to check the main line that goes in our area but no one is sent to check it. There are multiple reports even on Downdetector of the same issue I'm experiencing.

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    I've been dealing with bad internet for 2 months now like 10 tech visits  and  I don't know how many maintenance crews that they claim went out and did something. Its only gotten worse. I also have their "Gigablast" internet which is anything but fast. They've supposedly sent maintenance crews out to look at nodes and the main line.

    I've had them try to blame it on me but I've  removed every possible  variable that could be me so that they can't keep making excuses. I use an ethernet cable wired directly to the modem. I'm using their modem which has been replaced by them for a new one. The wire from the box goes two feet  through a wall and directly connects  to the modem. No splitters. No possible bad house wiring etc. I have tried multiple different devices so they can't blame my computer.

    I depend on my internet for work and I can barely do my job because the internet is so bad. My work is probably going to fire me at this point. That would make a great commercial. Thanks to cox's gigablast internet I lost my job! Thanks Cox Cable!!

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      I too rely on this for work and I've told my manager multiple times that my network is out. At this point he may be thinking that I'm slacking off. 

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      Oh and on top of all of that my solar isn’t crediting me because it doesn’t have an Internet connection during peak energy hours!!!

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    Same ** here started around the same time, have spent countless hours on the phone on hold i think around 14 times now, have had several techs come out,filed a complaint with the BBB (do that if you want attention from them) after all said an done they said the problem is my end,even tho we went through 5 of their own modems several of the service peoples modems and bought a $200 one myself instead of using their **,and they where still unable to fix it so closed the complain saying the problem is on my end even after all of their own people they sent out saying the issue was on their end lol, do yourself a favor and see if you have the option of switching to Fiber with someone else im switching to AT&T next month at my new house its half as much money ($70 instead of Cox $170 for unlimited) has unlimited usage and is a 1000 Down and Up.

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      Cox is the only option in my area that can provide gigabit. Unfortunately, here in Vegas, they've monopolized the premium connections and that's the reason why they can upcharge us $170 compared to other gigabit providers. CenturyLink too has it but only on select locations and the highest they can provide for my house is 40 mbps.

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      Yup they ***. Just had the gall to tell me it was my modem and not their network. I try to be patient. I'm a computer engineer and I know how complex these networks are. That was the last straw though. I'm fed up. At&t fiber coming in 3 days for the install. Bye bye Cox. Wont miss you at all. 

  • The signal levels to your modem do not look very good on several downstream channels. We will likely need to have a technician out to your home to investigate further. You can email our team at to help set up an appointment.

    Cox Social Media Support Specialist
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      Good evening BrianM,

      Per your recommendation, I have had a Cox technician come in [Thursday 2/4] and they explained the "issue" was due to the splitter and POE filter that was installed at the main line and they went ahead and balanced the load as well as replaced those and all my coax cables. So today [Saturday 2/6] the issue has gotten worse. I've now experienced disconnections for upwards of 5-10 mins instead of  a mere 1-2 mins prior to the "fix". I've now invested $100 [from what your tech has told me my fee was] to get a worse network experience. 

      As I've explained multiple times with everyone I've contacted in Customer Support, the issue is not my hardware. I will be giving this problem 3 strikes, after which I will be filing a complaint with the FCC as this has caused interruptions with my work and others' in my household who rely on your network 24/7. This is unfortunate but my eardrums are tired of hearing the same "it's not our network, it's your device" excuse. 

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        Hello Mitch,

        This appears as if you may need someone to investigate your account personally. We would be able to assist you with this. Please reach us on Twitter at @CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or email us at Provide us the name on the account with the complete service address with a link to this thread so we can get started.

        Thank you.

        Cox Support Forum Moderator
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    I have been battling Cox on these issues for just under a year now since COVID started. The problem is nearly all of their nodes that your modem is directly connected to are well over 100% utilization which causes incredible packet loss and spikes. The internet speeds usually aren't effected but the latency and packet loss is definitely noticeable. There are two things you can do and that is to file an FCC complaint about the packet loss and you will be able to talk to their actual engineers who are "diligently" working to split these nodes to help with saturation. They will probably give you some date that is months and months away when your node will be fixed and they get away with this without even a slap on the wrist because they have a "plan" to fix it. The ISP monopoly has been a travesty for years and COVID has only made it much worse and noticeable. The second thing you can do is go to to ask for a settlement to reduce your bills or pay you back for their service they aren't able to reliably provide. Don't take the first offer because it will be very low for what they actually deserve from this country wide failure.

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    How did you get them to send a tech? I've been having T3 and T4 timeout problems and they refuse to send one out. The people they hire for the call center don't even know what T3 and T4 timeouts are. Why does the customer have to know more about how your network works just to get support? Cox is the biggest joke of a company. 

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      Hi @Felicia

      I know how frustrating it is to have internet issues that never get resolved. Please email us at with your full name and address. And we can get a technician scheduled for you.

      Ben S.
      Cox Support Forums Moderator
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    That **. I had issues with cox last year and it took 4 months for the company to finally get the fix. They tried all the normal drop replacements, wire going into the house,  tried blaming the modem (bran new top of the line), plant work, pole work.. They went to all the neighbors and everyone said they just thought the issue was cox and unplug their modems every night. I mentioned to them when it started APS had been out in the neighborhood doing maintenance on a transformer. After 4 months they finally replaced the amplifier on the pole (even though it looked fine) and 0 issues since. Hang in and work as much as you can by calling in and asking for supervisors and making sure to state you want only the cox people not the contractors. After all said and done, I called into billing and got 4 months credit.