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5 years ago

Packet Loss During Peak Hours

Hey all, I've recently been experiencing packet loss specifically during peak hours (basically anytime after 5pm).

I had a tech come and service our connection recently. He said the main line running to our house was going bad due to weathering. He replaced the line and said we should be good to go. That was not the case. We get packet loss all throughout the day ranging from 1%-3%. At peak hours it becomes constant and ranges from 6%-10%... Very annoying.

When running a ping test just to google, I experience time outs.

I'm pretty sure my power levels are all good.

I mentioned overloaded nodes to a tech on the phone and they said that could be the case but no one has mentioned how to resolve that or if they can resolve it? They said they would have a tech come and look at the area soon to see if they find anything but I never heard anything from them and the service has not improved. That was 2 weeks ago when I spoke to them.

Very disappointing that Cox is one of the few internet providers in my area and they don't have a steady connection.

Anyone have any helpful info/questions regarding this issue? I'm fairly certain the issue is not from my side but I'm also not sure what could be causing this on their end.