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6 years ago


I want to know why we are being charged so much for the internet and webmail and I can't even block these spammers, because I met my quota 

already. What the heck does that mean. I click them and put them under spam and still receive these emails. Cox better do something quick to

fix this problem, or might just find a different internet service. 

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    Something clearly has gone wrong with the Cox servers. For the first time ever, I am getting MASSIVE amounts of spam that are making it through the Cox servers. If this doesn't get fixed soon, I may be on my way out...

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    It's pretty clear that the vendor that Cox outsourced the email to doesn't really care to block the spam. This has to be done at the domain/network level as the spammers are spoofing their sending address, names and subjects with every spam mail. This is why user spam filters are not really effective as you quickly run out of blocked capacity.

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    Yes I AGREE I had to erase all my blocked senders because I reached my maximum. Now I get at least 20 everyday and have to work to get rid of each one send them everyday to cox.spam or blocked senders....I’ve HAD IT how can you not come up with blocking senders their subjects are SIMPLE flashlight crepe skin why can you not block these. Well I’m so sick of it I’m going to Gmail people have NO trouble with it my daughter says she rarely gets a spam! Goodbye Cox I’ve had it!! 

  • Gmat,

    Where are you marking the messages as spam? It's best to log in to webmail to report the messages.

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      We've all been doing that for MONTHS! That is a totally worthless and time-wasting activity. Cox servers easily recognize these as spam when they are sent on the OUTGOING servers - why can't they recognize them as spam on the INCOMING servers? 

      I've already cancelled my 20 yr landline because Cox would not put any effort into helping with a solution for the 10+ robocalls per day, and now I'm considering cancelling my Cox email because whatever you've done recently has created such a nightmare for your email users. If my Cox email goes, so does my TV and internet service with Cox!