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12 months ago

Can't watch recorded shows in Chrome

I've been using my iPad the last month due to the web browser players on Windows 11 being so unreliable, but to further research the audio glitches plaguing the iPad (and iPhone) apps, I tried to watch some recordings in Chrome to see if they occurred at the same places. Well, attempting to watch a CBS, CNBC, or CNN recording (all I have) in full-screen Chrome results in a black screen with the channel logo in the middle and three animated dots below it. Nothing plays, neither video nor audio, and moving the mouse doesn't bring up any controls like the close button. The only way to get out of this is to shut down Chrome (Alt+F4). I've tried deleting cookies and site data, but that didn't help. I did find that starting playback of a recording in windowed mode plays, and then I can full-screen it, and it keeps playing, but this is a regression compared to when I was using browsers prior to switching to the iPad.

It does work in Edge and Firefox. Just Chrome seems to have broken.

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    In google chrome, click on the lock to the left of the URL, and reset site permissions, close and re-open chrome and test. See if that helps?

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      No need, as it seems to have fixed itself. I only wish the audio glitches on the iPad were as self-correcting.