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2 years ago

Paramount Plus streaming issues


We recently signed up for Paramount+. On one TV that uses the small guest box the streaming is wonderful. On our other TV that uses the larger host box it is unusable. The app often hangs with the spinning circle when you open it. Once you do get in and start a program we are faced with constant buffering and stalling.

I have power cycled the box many times by removing the power, there has been no change.

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    Does the problem continue if you switch the cable outlet used for the Box? If so, swap out the box. If not, you have a signal problem.

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      I will switch the box location, which will narrow down if it is the box or the cable run. The host box is on a further run. Great idea, very much appreciated!! I will report back.

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        No change moving the box, so it must be the box. Further googling and reading this seems to be common for Cox. The host box is bad, the guest box is fine.

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    I have VERY similar issues with the Paramount Plus app.  It has been an issue since it came out.  I have recently swapped out my host box and have a brand new one...same issue.  I find it hard to believe Cox doesn't know about this and between Paramount and Cox they haven't come up with a solution yet...

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      Are you able to access the app on any devices other than the contour box?

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