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4 years ago

High Ping (Cox Gigablast, Wired)


For the past 2 months my ping has been averagely between 75 - 120 with huge spikes between. My connection was fine before . I've been trying different ways to improve it with no success. For Example: New ethernet wire, different combinations within Cox App, checking comp firewalls, VPN, checking comp for network hogs. I got Cox for gaming and it was great but now it is a lag fest online. 

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    Cox service is honestly just terrible right now. I've been having the same issues within the same time span. Hate to tell you this but cox has not offered a fix right now. They'll just tell you that the node is being saturated and there's too much traffic in your area. It doesn't matter what speed you have, it wont change a thing. I have 500mbs and get packet bursts consistently in CoD. Basically meaning cox cant send and receive packets in an efficient manner. I've done port forwarding and nothing helps. I tried using my phone as a hotspot devices and guess what, I run smoothly on that. My cellular hot spot at sub 50mbs is running CoD smoother than 500mbs wired. My advice, save yourself some money and lower your speed or change providers. If AT&T had higher speeds in my area I would change in a heart beat.  

  • @Nerochinchilla, Are you experiencing this lag on all games or just one? Also, is the issue happening at specific times of the day or is it random? -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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        Are there any splitters or amplifiers that are connected to the coaxial that is screwed into the back of your modem? Can you please bypass any splitters/amplifiers and plug it directly into the wall from the modem?
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