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I have had a terrible experience regarding trying to get a technician to my house to fix my homelife hub. I called on 5/18 to get technical help because my homelife hub would not connect to anything. After going through all the procedures, the customer service person stated she needed to send a person out to replace the hub and set an appointment for 5/19 between 3p and 5p. I had a lot to do on 5/19 because it was a Sunday, but made sure I was back at my house for the technician. At 2:50, I received a text to state my appointment was changed to 5/21 between 8a and 10a. A technician then called and I asked why the appointment was rescheduled with no notice. He stated they are a third party company that does Cox work, but they do not work with the homelife products. He stated that the Tuesday appointment will be a person that works with the homelife products.   I was upset, but dealt with the inconvenience. 

On Tuesday, 5/21, a technician showed up and stated he was with the same third party company and he does not work with the homelife products. Then I received a text stating the appointment was changed to 5/23 between 8a and 10a. I called customer support and stated I was not happy because this will be the third appointment. They assured me that the technician that will come on Thursday will be a Cox employee and not from the third party and he will know about the homelife product. 

On Thursday, 5/23, I received a text that the appointment was changed to 10a to 12p and I received a voicemail at 10:12a stating there were a lot of call offs and they had to find a technician in the area that could make it to my appointment. They stated they found a person, but he could only be there between 10a and 12p, but he should be there in 15 minutes.  At 11a, a technician arrived and stated he did not work with the homelife product.  He said he would try to find someone in the area that can help him get a hub so he can try to work on it, but since he did not work on homelife products, he did not have anything.

This is where we are now. 4 appointments and it still is not fixed. I have a day job and work 8a-5p so I have to take off work which costs me money or arrange to have someone there for three technician.  What does it take for Cox to take care of their own products?  I have to take off work or make arrangements for other people to be there only to find out they send people that cannot help. 

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  • Hello, I am terribly sorry to hear that the problems with your Homelife HUB have not been resolved yet. I'd like to help. When you have a moment, can you please email with name, address, and link to forum thread. You can also reach us on Twitter CoxHelp or on the Cox Facebook page. Thank you.