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2 months ago

Missing email history after move to Yahoo

I use outlook on my computer and another email app on my phone and tablet.  All are using the IMAP protocol to sync data with the email client.  In all cases whether I use outlook, or thunderbird on the PC or my other app on my android devices, there is a huge hole my email history.  I have the mails that have arrived since my account was transitioned and one email from April 2022 and then emails start again from May of 2016.  This is worse that I thought it was.  The emails are visible on the yahoo web mail.


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  • Hello. I recommend checking to see if those missing emails are still showing up as new on the yahoo website. If they are, then it could be due to the amount of emails that need to be downloaded to your device. If they do not eventually come in, I would recommend reaching out to Yahoo email support since your device is configured properly and can reach the Yahoo servers. 

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    I have tried with both Outlook and Thunderbird as an IMAP client and both showed the same issue.  I did call Yahoos tech support.  They insisted that it was an issue with with the applications I was using and not their server.  While using Thunderbird I noticed that the number of emails available was 10000.  As a new email arrived, the total number of emails changed momentarily and then went back to 10000.  In doing a web search I found that there is a 10000 email limit when connecting with an IMAP client.  I did have about 28K messages according to Thunderbird when it was connecting to the Cox email server.  By slowly moving the files to folders in yahoo, I am finally able to get the number of emails to fall below 10000 and I can see the missing emails

    I couldn't get the tech support agent to understand that there was an issue on their part and they finished the call telling me that it was my problem and that I needed to contact then Microsoft or Developers to find a fix for the problem.  

    This is a fiasco as far as I can see on both Cox and Yahoo


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      I had the same issue when using Outlook to download my extensive email history from Yahoo mail which was imported from Cox. I have over 250K emails over a decade for my 3 cox emails. Outlook had a large hole from 2019 to 2024 which it did not import. I tried instead eM Client which was able to download every email from the Yahoo email server with no missing email. Conclusion? The issue is with Outlook.