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3 months ago

Custome Service

I wanted to reiterate that I had an awful experience through the moving process with cox. 
Until I talked to Edward tonight after talking to a not so kind representative, I was ready to switch to AT&T internet by tomorrow morning..

Edward not only listened and had that customer care that’s needed with issues (I was in customer service for years) but he also transferred me to Bob to get a solution. Prior to that, the first rep told me I could wait until Monday for my internet to be connected (which I thought was handled TWICE before) or I could go to a store and try tomorrow but most likely would have to wait until Monday…

 I moved into my first house and have a house warming and Thunder basketball watch party tomorrow - I called about my move on 4/8/24 to disconnect at previous residence and transfer to current residence on 4/25. I saw on my app on 5/14/24 that my previous address was still my service address so I reached out again. After 10pm tonight my internet shut off.. I called and, again, the first customer service rep was rude and dismissive and his best suggestion when I asked to talk to someone else in customer service, not even a manager- just someone else, he said well you can just call back. So I hung up and called back - he was just beyond rude and it came off like he was making fun of and/or mocking me with my issue which I didn’t appreciate. I just wanted a SOLUTION before people came over from out of town and out of state early tomorrow afternoon. 

If it wasn’t for Edward and Bob, I would have transferred to AT&T internet service by tomorrow morning. I was looking it up while trying to talk to the first representative.

Edward and Bob are the people who keep your customers, can’t brag enough on them for their exceptional customer service, understanding and kindness (also patience explaining my dilemma and previous call). I asked them if I could do any survey / appreciative survey and they were just happy to help. 

They’re great assets to your team and deserve a THANK YOU SO MUCH shout out  



Thank you, Cortni Sanders

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  • Hi csandsok24,


    I regret to learn of your experience, but relieved that Edward and Bob saved the day!  We appreciate you taking the time to message us and provide this information.  I would really like to share your kind words with our leadership team.  

    Please send us an email to with your service address so that I may locate these agents to ensure their direct leaders are also notified.  

    I also would like to locate the not so great agents that made this experience unpleasant.  


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      Hi Letitia, I sent an email yesterday to that email address and received a reply from Lisa. 
      Thank you, Cortni